Quality Assurance

We seek to keep costs low while maximizing quality through our quality assurance system. We offer the flexibility to implement specific customer requirements not previously included in our system documentation, yet are able to prevent unnecessary documentation, thus reducing costs and maximizing effectiveness.

We developed our quality assurance system to conform to strict requirements for safety related equipment in extremely demanding industries. As a result of our effective quality assurance system and several successful audits, we have been a qualified vendor in these industries for over 24 years. We have a strong background in quality assurance and quality systems.

The stringent requirements of compliance to the regulatory, safety, and quality constraints that are enforced by our customers have required our personnel to develop excellent skills in quality assurance tasks such as documentation, auditing, calibrations (including traceability documentation), systems development, and systems review.

Our 10CFR50 Appendix B compliant Level 1 QA System manual covering Special Grade testing services is available for download: ATS QAS-NQA1 Rev 4.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission conducted a thorough inspection of ATS’ quality system in October 2013. The inspectors found no violations or noncompliances (that’s as good as it gets!). The report is published on the NRC’s website.