Headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, our offices, laboratory, and plant are located in our 27,000 ft2 (2500 m2) facility with both truck and rail access. Our high-bay laboratory provides ample space for assembly and testing of large experiments, systems, and prototypes.

Spray mix tank

1500 Gallon Chemical Spray Mix Tank

Mixing tank controls

Precise Digital Controls to maintain required spray coverage during testing

On-site Test Laboratory

  • Superheated steam to 800 °F (425 °C) at 250 psig (17 bars) or 1400 °F (760 °C) at reduced pressure
  • Two environmental (LOCA, HELB, MSLB…) test chambers: ∅59″ (1500 mm) & ∅19″ (480 mm) capable of reaching 650 °F (340 °C) in a few seconds
  • Aqueous solution preparation and high pressure delivery
  • Walk-in environmental aging oven capable of up to 750 °F (400 °C)
  • Combustion research furnace
  • Compression & tension testing to 60,000 lbf (267 kN)
  • Metal hardness (Rockwell) and toughness (Izod, Charpy)
  • Mechanical cycling and fatigue
  • Custom capabilities to your requirements

On-site Fabrication

Machining capabilities include: precision milling, boring, turning, and grinding. On-site fabrication capabilities include: bending, plasma cutting, and welding (both MIG & TIG).

Close alliances with specialty fabricators extend our capabilities to include large-scale fabrication, EDM (both wire & sinker), laser cutting, and engraving.

Electronics & Instrumentation

We have extensive experience in analog, digital, and mixed signal circuit design, prototyping, and troubleshooting.  Our in-house facilities include a large inventory of components, fabrication tools, and test equipment. Capabilities include analysis, design, breadboarding, pcb design & fabrication, packaging, assembly, and testing.

The ESPI (Electronic Set Point Indicator) portable valve calibration system is an example of our in-house electronics proficiency. This system includes precision “smart” sensors, mixed signal circuitry, embedded controllers, and interface to a laptop computer.  ESPI units have been in continuous field service for over 20 years requiring only periodic calibrations and routine maintenance.


We maintain NIST traceable calibration standards in dimensions of length, force, mass, temperature, pressure, torque, flow, hardness, volume, voltage, current, frequency, and resistance. You can be confident in our expertise forged by years of experience calibrating instruments to the strict standards of extremely demanding industries. Our Quality Assurance system assures you of a documented chain of traceability suitable for your NQA1, ISO 9000, TS, ISO/IEC 17025, or other QA system.