Custom Testing

ATS offers a range of custom testing services to both our nuclear and non-nuclear industrial customers. These include:

  • Design verification and validation tests
  • Engineering feasibility tests
  • Product research and development
  • Harsh environment qualification tests for the Nuclear industry (LOCA, HELB)
  • Product validation engineering tests for companies wishing to enter the nuclear market through our Nuclear Gateway Program
  • Accelerated aging (including thermal, mechanical and thermal cycling, vibration, and radiation)
  • Product evaluation
  • Failure analysis
  • Commercial dedication
  • General consulting.

Calibration Equipment

Mechanical Test Equipment & Proving Ring Calibrators

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Thermal Chamber –100 to 350 degrees F

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Thermal Chamber –100 to 350 degrees F

By designing, fabricating, calibrating, and validating necessary custom test equipment on site, we save time and money while assuring that the equipment is properly purpose built. Equipment is employed quickly and the risk of shipping delays, damage, and decalibration is avoided. Read more about our facilities and manufacturing capabilities.

Please contact us for more information about how we can meet your custom testing needs.